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South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhou, マンションは広州市の繁華な北京路の商業美食歩行街の西側に位置し、広州市中心部に位置しています。
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhou 空港へ28.7km。

  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, GuangzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • South & North International Apartment - Beijing Road Kam Rueng Plaza, Guangzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • liyuan8002
    The location is good and easy to find, but the sanitation is really average. I stayed for two days. I went out in the morning and came back at three or four in the afternoon. I didn't clean up. They all said that I was too busy today. Is that the reason? The aunt who asked for changing the bed sheets and cleaning said that there was no need to be so clean, dizzy!
  • dujiang900219
    I can't live in winter. The hot water is not hot enough
  • AppleRyder
    The environment is good, but the service needs to be improved. The price is quite high
  • maggiesw
    The environment is very good and the geographical location is very convenient. There are many catering facilities nearby. The only thing I'm not very satisfied with is that I ordered a big bed room. I went to say that there was no room reform and a double bed room was changed. I live in a big bed more comfortable alone. It's a strange thing to give me a double bed room
  • bao3745430
    not bad
  • Gong666
    I've lived here for many years. Every time I come on a business trip, I will stay here
  • meiruomei
    Not bad, worth recommending
  • cyg780808
    Oh, no, okay????
  • e02736963
    Very good. Next time the whole family comes out, you can order a double bed deluxe version.
  • lifeng1031
    The apartment is close to Beijing Road and has a convenient geographical location. It was originally booked online in advance. As a result, when we went to the scene, we told us that because the front tenant couldn't give us a room, we had to replace it with a much cheaper administrative room or a separate two bed room. Not only did we not call in advance, but also the front desk waitress had a very bad attitude, Put on a posture that you can't love and lie that no customer can't be reached by phone. The next day, you can call me before you check out. You spend more than 1000 yuan not to book a room, and you are inexplicably drunk when you look at the front desk
  • elvira28
    its soso
  • e00235295
    Very good, comfortable, good location, clean, pleasant stay
  • e02383774
    Good environment, good room hygiene, good service attitude
  • m02239317
    The decoration was very luxurious and grand. The front desk attendant had a very good attitude and helped us contact the business car. The surrounding Guangshao tea restaurant tastes very delicious. I will stay here next time I come to Guangzhou.
  • liyuduo517260
    The tall hotel is on the commercial pedestrian street of Beijing Road, and the surrounding facilities are very convenient. The lucky restaurant below has delicious morning tea!
  • summersun
    The room looks very homey, very good
  • aleescn
    Good. I still have a chance to stay in this hotel in the future
  • sundy_s
    Nice hotel apartment. Great love!
  • e02925509
    It's not bad. It's just that the elevator is too slow. The snacks around are OK
  • e04247897
    Very good, clean hotel, with the duplex apartment you get all amenities, including washing machine.
  • e00180819
    Fortunately, it's convenient to have a washing machine. Clothes covered with sweat can be washed.
  • demio0829
    The transportation is very convenient and the room is very large
  • e01281389
    Good location, convenient for shopping, dining and travel. The elevator is a little crowded and the waiting time is long. It's better not to take the elevator during lunch time. The room has only one bathroom, which is not convenient to use.
  • allen_pcb
    Very good. Downstairs is the living room and upstairs is the bedroom. The environment is very good and feels at home
  • dgadga
    The second check-in, hotel tall, very satisfied!
  • daisylinpgl
    It's suitable for the whole family. The location is very good. But the air conditioning is not cool enough, the wash basin is jammed, and the disinfection cupboard is broken.
  • emmayue9006
    It's OK. I'll stay next time I have a chance.
  • cgm888
    Convenient transportation, considerate service, good environment,
  • elsong
    Good location, convenient shopping, dining and travel. The elevator is a little crowded and the waiting time is long. The room has only one bathroom, which is inconvenient to use. The three rooms are actually separated by a screen.
  • dasfa
    Very good. I recommended it to my friends as soon as I saw the room. It's very cost-effective
  • PrideT
    The room is very good, the washing machine with drying function and the duplex apartment are very good! Next time I go to Guangzhou, I'll choose here
  • ntNiDong
    The hardware facilities are as good as ever. It's just that the attitude of the front desk staff needs to be improved, it's relatively slow.
  • Linus Fang
    The geographical environment is good and suitable for travel
  • Luciana2008
    The hotel facilities are in place, very high-grade, and the beds are also very comfortable. It's worth living in such a hotel for more than 500! The location of the hotel is very good. It is close to the pedestrian street. Shopping is very convenient, especially for mothers who come out with their children. It is very convenient to add clothes and shop!
  • e00190671
    In addition to the city center, there is a washing machine in the room that I recommend. Everything else is very ordinary. The sofa feels very dirty
  • iamperry1986
    Convenient transportation and clean environment
  • e00443972
    The location is good. Even if you are hungry at midnight, you can find stalls around to eat. It's a little far from the subway.
  • mint459
    Stay, good.
  • e04546252
    Good hotel
  • amy359
    This stay is not bad, worthy of recommendation and praise.
  • ljfcdj
    The location is very good, the facilities are also good, the cleanliness and service are OK, the downstairs is the business district, which makes travel very convenient. But the check-in and check-out at the front desk are really slow, and need to be improved. I'm very satisfied overall.
  • cross_lu
    OK, but the lobby is too small
  • eeisuan
    The environment is very good and the hygiene is excellent. I live comfortably. I'll come back next time.
  • blueviewblue
    The front desk is very friendly, the room is very comfortable and clean. Next time I come to Guangzhou, I will check in again
  • bestall
    Adjacent to Beijing Road, shopping is convenient, and the hotel environment is comfortable, giving people a feeling of home. I will choose to stay next time!
  • e00147955
    The place is good, the environment is good, the facilities are also very good, the place is also very large, and it is very clean. However, I booked two rooms, and the hotel confirmed that they can be on the same floor. As a result, I had to quarrel with me when I came to the store and said that I had to wait for one of them, but the upgraded facility was not good!
  • y5203112
    This hotel is very good! I'll introduce my friend next time
  • elva_luo
    It's the third time I've checked in, mainly because it's close to my work place and the environment is also good. I feel pretty good overall
  • ailinwu
  • BB Aberdeen
    The sofa is very old. It seems to have blood stains. It's not easy to use with a table
  • winddsss
    not bad
  • sally417
    The geographical location is quite good. The downstairs is Tianhe department store. In the middle of Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, the 8th floor is lucky building. It is also very convenient to drink morning tea. There are many tea restaurants and various food shops around. Shopping and eating can be solved without taking a car. It is close to exit D of the subway station in front of the park and exit b of Beijing Road subway station.
  • garfield521
    It's really comfortable
  • freebirdforever
    very good
  • baobei7702
  • dbpxj
    Pretty good, but broadband is a bit slow
  • d03110324
    I lived here when I came to Guangzhou on business last year. Now I still feel the enthusiasm of the service staff when I check in again. The little girl who helped me check in worried that I, a northerner, couldn't find delicious food here. She especially introduced me to the nearby food and snack street. When she went there with her wife in the evening, she didn't want to go. There were too many delicious food! The room layout is more warm than last year, the bedding is fragrant and clean, and the food in the small bar is rich. It's really suitable for me to travel and play with my wife
  • maoting88
    Must be five points. Super satisfied. The room is very large and looks very high. The comfort is OK. The downstairs is the eighth floor of the mall and the lucky building. The corner downstairs is the pedestrian street on Beijing road. It's super convenient to eat and shop. In short, I like it very much. I'll stay next time
  • Julielin0930
    Yes, just no breakfast
  • finestyle
    There's always a smell of urine in the living room. I don't know whether it's the gross taste or why, which affects my mood. In addition, the hotel slippers are too thin and uncomfortable. The only good thing is that it's really convenient to come out around
  • flowerfly
    The fourth check-in, not much else to say!
  • Toutuo ET
    not bad
  • lingwei999999
    My friend said it was very good.
  • aiming7
    I feel the location is very good. It's very convenient to go out to eat and play
  • anyany
    很好的地方,离北京路步行街才不到五分钟。 Room is very big. The window is something stayer should be aware of as the windows can open very much with no protection. Easily to fall off.
  • fer__138
  • e00592903
    Shopping is convenient. Tianhe City is downstairs; There are many places to eat on the side; The hotel room is large,
  • carloslewlew
    Very comfortable!
  • BennyFu
  • mae_96
  • at30301
    It's great to experience this kind of apartment hotel for the first time. Especially children. I like it very much. The space is very large, the facilities are complete, especially the washing machine with drying is very practical.
  • lostarum
    In the old urban area, the subway station is not very close, but the surrounding is prosperous, daily life is convenient, and there are many nights.
  • cgmide
    The location is OK. It is very close to Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. There are two supermarkets downstairs and two subways for travel. Downstairs is Tianhe City department store.
  • naisonal
    It's not safe to share elevators with many hotels in the same building. What's more, you can't delay your check-out, even for one minute. If you say that the computer will automatically deduct the fee at 12 o'clock, and you need to pay for the parking fee yourself. The parking fee of a hotel for one day is 80 yuan! I don't like it except for a bigger room. I won't live in it any more!
    Very good!