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Guangzhou 'taobao' the plant: take 3500 rental house 'in' 60 billion homes

Date: 2019-07-21

Taobao has "guangzhou plant," said the benevolence cave village in panyu change old cooperative enterprises the dust settles, yuexiu property to change the village the old project total investment 21 billion yuan.

Taobao has "guangzhou plant," said the benevolence cave village in panyu change old cooperative enterprises the dust settles, yuexiu property to change the village the old project total investment 21 billion yuan., according to public resources trading center in guangzhou fair show period. 5.SMW reporter learned, project investment main body member represents the day meeting in the conference room of the humanity hole village.According to the result of the vote, yuexiu property qualification for the humanity hole project old change.

Before modification

Guangzhou taobao about the 3500 building the plant

Panyu south central kernel hole village in the village is located in panyu district, NaCun Town west, east to south China, country garden city on the south bridge, west to xinguang fast, splendid xiangjiang garden on the north.About 7.5 km, from panyu district, guangzhou south station to the pearl river new town, about 30 minutes' drive.Distance from the subway line 3 han creek chime-long station, line 7, south village fair stand is about 1.5 kilometer.

According to the latest figures, the humanity hole village population of 6234 people, 2375 households, the resident population of 44142 people, the villagers with a population of 37908 people, village building 4119.

As "taobao plant in guangzhou," the humanity hole village of the rental housing more than 3500 buildings, more than 2000 merchants, the staff more than 30000 people, mostly from guangdong chaoshan, fujian putian, quanzhou, etc.

Yuexiu real estate in the village the old work has long instead.SMW reporter visits to see, the humanity narrow hole village streets, vehicles, personnel, travel intensive period of time will appear jams phenomenon.Narrow the distance between the village building, many "floor" shaking hands.The transformation of village everywhere yuexiu property publicity slogans.

It is understood that the humanity hole village to the transformation area of about 172 hectares, the existing building area of about 2.21 million square meters.After a total construction area of about 3.49 million square meters.After winning the renovation project, yuexiu property will get about 1.5 million square meters of land bank.

After transforming

11 schools will be built, and 300 - meter - high "landmark"

Guangzhou taobao will be the plant after the modification.According to yuexiu real estate preliminary planning, the project will build a business center + 1 a landmark building + 6 big city service system, support the region sustainable development.

After transforming the humanity hole village, will increase from present situation of 11 schools;Reconfiguration of public services and municipal public facilities for a total of 192500 square meters, including independent facility occupies 108800 square meters.

It is reported, the village of existing municipal facilities only 14, after transforming to the construction of municipal public service facilities in 175, more than the existing 161.

After modification, the humanity hole village road planning, bus stations, parking lots, people's livelihood facilities, such as municipal pipe network will be fully optimized.Proposed modified road area of 600 mu, the proposed regulation river flood area of 10.5 mu.

After transforming the humanity hole area business area will reach 500000 ㎡, is proposed to planning to build at least two or more large commercial complex, and high quality hotel, fashion youth apartment, children's education and training, modern business facilities, such as community neighborhood center.